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Delphi VCL Styles Pack

Developer Express styles are a whole different beast. They wrote them before Delphi had their own styling engine. AFAIK Dev Ex has no intention of supporting VCL styles. That info was from a few years ago, and things may have changed.

Delphi VCL Styles Pack

Not to discredit Almediadev, from what i have seen it seems to be a brilliant lib, but the cross-styles setup does not (to my current knowledge) support the DX Ribbon, it focuses on the QuantumGrid. This may have changed since i last checked.

Dev Express has it's own skin system that does not work with the VCL styles. So if your app is using a whole range of components, it is probably a good idea not to use their Toolbar/Ribbon system. Only use individual controls you may need, and you can manually select specific styles that would match VCL Styles, if neccessary.

I have a pleasure to inform of X-DBGrid Component 3.4 package has been successfullytested and published by Borland on Borland Delphi Partner CD.This CD is delivered together with Delphi 2005.

Compilation of Active Query Builder with third-party controls will enable you to perfectly match the appearance of the component with the rest of your application. Compilation of Active Query Builder with TNT library will allow you to take advantage of the Unicode-enabled visual query building with any Delphi or C++ Builder IDE version. Please note that this ability is available for the customers of the component with the source code only as far as required for re-compilation with the third-party packages.


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