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What Do You Need?


Organization Identity and General Business Materials

-Develop graphics with high and low resolution electronic files for full color, spot color, 1-color and 1-color-line-art versions
-Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures and catalogs
-Invoices, checks, forms, window envelopes and other envelopes
-Note cards and envelopes for more personal correspondence
-Mailing labels for use on odd-sized envelopes and packages
-Signs at your location and on company vehicles


Product Identification
-Identification labels, tags and nameplates to mark the products you sell or manufacture
-Gift bags, boxes and ribbon to present the products you sell
-Presentation folders and binders to present your information



Employee Identification and Recognition

-Uniforms, sportswear and name badges to identify associates
-Employee gifts and incentives to secure loyalty
-Years of Service pins and gifts
-Awards for customer service, quality and efficiency to encourage excellence and productivity
-Safety program incentives to reduce insurance costs


Potential Customer and Client Recruitment

-Direct mail programs to introduce your organization
-Trade show gifts so they will recall your organization
-Gifts to present on or after sales calls to encourage patronage
-Gifts to be given at events such as golf tournaments and sporting events
-Identify your needs for the year to make sure you have brochures and promotional products for every situation


Customer and Client Recognition

-Thank You gifts for new business to secure their loyalty
-Annual gift to secure their loyalty and encourage them to refer your organization
-Membership cards to identify association with your organization

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