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furthermore, you can mark emails as spam even faster, thanks to the use of a lightweight algorithm. as a result, duplicate email remover features a much faster performance than its competitors on the market, which ensure that you receive your emails as fast as possible.

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some more features include the fact that the app offers the ability to add new rules. this is a very powerful feature, as it means you can add more specific filters to find even more email duplicates. furthermore, the app can also be integrated with other common apps. this is useful, as it enables you to perform a complete scan, including the email removal, in just a few taps.

bottom line is that duplicate email remover is a powerful tool for both novice and advanced users alike. thanks to the wide array of options and settings provided, it makes the entire process extremely easy to perform. furthermore, you can also go backwards a few steps, in case you want to change some settings or add more folders to the scan quota.

you can also use duplicate email remover to delete duplicate emails. instead of keeping them all, you can delete only the duplicate ones. this makes the entire scanning process much faster, as you have less emails to be processed.

the app uses the openpopop3 api to connect to the pop3 servers and get the email messages to be processed. once the scans have been performed, the app uses the imap api to get the list of emails to be deleted. the app also allows you to delete the duplicates using the imap api. it also provides an option to export the results to a spreadsheet or a text file. finally, it also enables you to configure the app to automatically start when the computer starts.


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