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Meaning of wearing Couple Rings to the left or right

Once you have decided which finger to wear your rings, you need to be aware of the size of your rings. This size can be determined by using the ring sizing tool. You could also take a jewelry maker to determine the size and design an individual the ring.

You choose the hand you feel most comfortable with when wearing your ring daily. Certain rings that are associated with important events often go with a specific hand depending on your culture or the country that you live in. For instance, in many Western (Christian) countries it is traditional to wear your engagement ring on the left side and then move it to the right before the wedding.

The wedding ring is placed on the left hand. However, many married women choose to wear the wedding engagement ring and ring on the left hand.

You can wear it on either your hand or the opposite in the event that you prefer. For example, an eternity ring is worn on the same finger.

If you see a Chinese partner wears their wedding ring on the left, it indicates that he/she expects to get more than what she/he gave to the wedding.

The two wedding rings can be worn together, with the deceased partner's rings placed behind the widow's. The jeweler may also alter the two rings to create the widow's ring.

Do you want to wear an exquisite and unique ring from our collection of diamond rings on a different finger? Consult BAUNAT's experts on a custom band. Your ring will be created by hand in our workshop in Antwerp.

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Frequently asked questions

The engagement ring: which hand should you wear it on?

In Western cultures the wedding ring as well as the engagement ring are placed on the left finger. As an Christian you can wear the wedding rings and engagement rings on the left hand. In countries that have Islamic tradition the hand on which rings are worn differs from country to country. Jordanian Muslims wear their wedding rings on their right hand, whereas in Iran they prefer to wear their left hand.

How to wear an engagement ring & wedding ring

In Western cultures engagement rings are typically placed on the ring finger of the left hand. It was once believed that this finger was linked to the heart via the "vein of love". In the event of marriage, in some countries the engagement ring shifts to the middle finger of the left hand, to make enough space for the wedding ring on the finger with the ring. In our country most people wear both rings on the left hand. However certain people prefer to wear their wedding ring on the right hand's finger with the ring.

What size is my ring? What size of ring is suitable for me?

There are numerous ways to measure your ring's size. For instance, you could determine the size of your existing ring, or determine the circumference of your finger by using a string which you wrap around your finger, and then measure it using the ruler. Do not take measurements after eating hot drinks or eating salty food. Measure at night. In addition, intense exercise can cause your fingers to grow as well as pregnancy in a woman.


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