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Pearl Jam - Even Flow

The stark lyrics by Vedder for "Even Flow" describe the experience of being a homeless man.[10] The subject sleeps "on a pillow made of concrete" and panhandles passersby for spare change. In addition to being illiterate, he may also be mentally ill, as he "looks insane" when he smiles and struggles to keep coherent thoughts ("Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies/Oh, he don't know, so he chases them away").

Pearl Jam - Even Flow

The original music video for "Even Flow" was ultimately replaced by a performance clip directed by Josh Taft, who had previously directed the "Alive" music video for the band, and who later directed the music video for "Oceans".[23] The video consists of performance footage of the band filmed during a January 17, 1992 show at the Moore Theatre in Seattle.[23] Taft was filming that night not in his capacity as a director, but as a friend of Gossard's. (At one point during the show, Vedder had even stopped the proceedings, clearly of the opinion that Taft's presence was intrusive. "This is not a TV studio, Josh" he'd yelled indignantly, in an interlude that Taft left in his final cut but that MTV clipped out of most versions it aired. "Turn those lights out, it's a fucking rock concert!") The video shows Vedder climbing the theatre, and then jumping down between fans at the concert and ending with Mccready throwing his guitar towards the camera.

Upon watching that video Kieran decided that one day he would make it to SXSW and would witness the Osees live, both of these became a reality in 2023 (Kieran even met John Dwyer). The week we spent at SXSW was truly a mesmerizing, life-affirming, and incredible experience, one that will never be forgotten. 041b061a72


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