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God of War 2 PC Game Free Download Full Version: Everything You Need to Know

the path of kratos in the game changes drastically as players progress through the game. at the beginning, he is a man with an axe. later, he is a man with a sword. at the end, he is a man with two blades.

God of War 2 PC Game Free Download Full Version


when kratos is given a task, he will either refuse the task, accept the task, or decline the task. when kratos declines a task, he will receive a visit from the gods apollo and poseidon who will attempt to persuade him to take on the task. if kratos accepts a task, he will start in the preparation phase. the preparation phase is the longest phase of the game. during the preparation phase, players will go through a series of tutorials, which teach the player how to use kratos' weapons, make use of special abilities, and become accustomed to using the new abilities in the game. the preperation phase also includes the training of the special abilities, which are specific to the three gods kratos is representing in the game.

the story mode in god of war 2 free download is set in a greek myth that focuses on the god ares. the god ares is the god of war. the story focuses on ares' involvement in the death of his wife, deimos, and his father, zeus. when he was a child, ares had an affair with his half-sister, artemis. artemis was forced to kill the boy after ares' father discovered their affair.

the game features more than twice as many boss fights and puzzles as the previous game, and the enemies, especially the titans, are more powerful. it is another dangerous challenge for the player to complete with kratos, and you are about to discover a new world and a new adventure.


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