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The Walking Dead: Discover the Spin-offs, Prequels, and Sequels of the Franchise on IMDb

The Walking Dead: A Guide to the Post-Apocalyptic TV Series

If you are a fan of zombies, survival, and horror, you have probably heard of The Walking Dead, one of the most successful and longest-running TV shows of all time. But what is The Walking Dead exactly, and why is it so popular? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide to the post-apocalyptic TV series, including its premise, characters, locations, themes, action, drama, seasons, spin-offs, streaming services, and what to expect from the upcoming season 11.

What is The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is a TV series based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It premiered on AMC in 2010 and has since become one of the most watched and acclaimed shows on television. It has won several awards, including two Primetime Emmys and a Golden Globe nomination. It has also spawned several spin-offs, such as Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and The Walking Dead: Origins. As of 2021, it has aired 10 seasons and 153 episodes, with the 11th and final season set to premiere in August 2021.

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The Premise

The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors in a world that has been overrun by zombies, or "walkers", as they call them. The walkers are reanimated corpses that feed on living flesh and can only be killed by destroying their brains. The survivors have to deal with not only the walkers, but also other hostile groups of humans who compete for resources and territory. The show explores how the survivors cope with the loss of their loved ones, their humanity, and their hope in a bleak and brutal world.

The Characters

The Walking Dead features a large and diverse cast of characters who come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, skills, and motivations. Some of the main characters are:

  • Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln): A former sheriff's deputy who wakes up from a coma to find himself in the zombie apocalypse. He becomes the leader of a group of survivors and tries to protect them at all costs.

  • Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus): A crossbow-wielding hunter who is loyal to Rick and his group. He is tough, resourceful, and has a soft spot for animals.

  • Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride): A former abused housewife who becomes one of the most badass and ruthless survivors. She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her people safe.

  • Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan): A former farmer's daughter who becomes a leader of a community called Hilltop. She is brave, compassionate, and pregnant with her late husband Glenn's child.

  • Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan): A charismatic and sadistic leader of a group called the Saviors. He rules with an iron fist and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille.

  • Michonne (Danai Gurira): A katana-wielding warrior who joins Rick's group after losing her family. She is fierce, loyal, and has a romantic relationship with Rick.

  • Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt): A former high school science teacher who claims to know the cure for the zombie virus. He is smart, cowardly, and has a mullet.

  • Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam): A former priest who struggles with his faith in the apocalypse. He is kind ick's reunion with his family: In the season 1 episode 3, Rick finally finds his wife Lori and his son Carl, who he thought were dead. He also meets his best friend Shane, who has been protecting them. It is a joyful and emotional moment for Rick and his family.

  • Sophia's emergence from the barn: In the season 2 midseason finale, Rick and his group discover that Sophia, Carol's daughter who went missing, is among the walkers in Hershel's barn. They watch in horror as she comes out of the barn and Rick shoots her in the head.

  • Lori's death: In the season 3 episode 4, Lori dies while giving birth to Judith. She says goodbye to Carl and tells him to be strong and protect his sister. She also asks Maggie to perform a cesarean section on her, knowing that it will kill her.

  • The Governor's assault on the prison: In the season 4 midseason finale, the Governor leads an attack on the prison, killing Hershel and destroying the fences. He also fights with Rick in a brutal hand-to-hand combat, before being stabbed by Michonne and shot by Lilly.

  • Beth's death: In the season 5 midseason finale, Beth is killed by Dawn, a corrupt police officer who runs a hospital in Atlanta. She tries to stab Dawn with a pair of scissors, but Dawn shoots her in the head. Daryl carries her body out of the hospital and breaks down in tears.

  • Glenn's death: In the season 7 premiere, Glenn is killed by Negan, who smashes his head with Lucille. He says his final words to Maggie, "I'll find you", before dying in a pool of blood. His death devastates Maggie and the rest of the group.

  • Carl's death: In the season 8 midseason premiere, Carl reveals that he has been bitten by a walker and is dying. He spends his last moments with Rick, Michonne, Judith, and his friends. He writes letters to them and gives them advice on how to live in peace. He then shoots himself to prevent turning into a walker.

  • Rick's departure: In the season 9 episode 5, Rick is severely injured and hallucinates about his past. He manages to lead a horde of walkers away from his friends and blows up a bridge to stop them. He is presumed dead by his group, but he is actually rescued by Jadis and taken away by a helicopter.

  • Alpha's border: In the season 9 finale, Alpha, the leader of a group called the Whisperers who wear walker skins, marks her territory by killing ten people from Rick's group and putting their heads on pikes. Among them are Tara, Enid, Henry, and Ezekiel's son.

  • Michonne's departure: In the season 10 episode 13, Michonne finds evidence that Rick might be alive. She decides to leave her group and go look for him. She entrusts Judith and RJ to Daryl and promises to keep in touch with them.

These are just some of the many dramatic moments that have made The Walking Dead an emotional and captivating show to watch.

How to watch The Walking Dead?

If you want to watch The Walking Dead, you have several options depending on your preference and availability. Here are some of them:

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The Seasons

The Walking Dead has aired 10 seasons so far, with each season consisting of 16 episodes (except for season 1 which has only 6 episodes). The seasons are usually split into two parts, with a midseason break between them. The first part airs from October to December, while the second part airs from February to April. The show is currently on its 11th and final season, which will have 24 episodes and will air from August 2021 to late 2022.

The Spin-offs

The Walking Dead has also spawned several spin-offs that expand the universe of th


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