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Kepler 7 Astrology Software: A Comprehensive Guide - Astrology Zone

Solar Fire has long enabled you to choose your own color for the chart and for the planets and their rulers. Now you can use the Color Preview feature to choose your preferred color for the chart by red, green or blue color. Further, each planet's rulers can now be displayed with their own color scheme. New features for the orbital rulers have been included. Now the days of the week rulers (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune) are displayed in orange, while the sidereal planetary rulers (fixed stars) are displayed in blue. These have been designed to provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing chart display. You can select whether the 0 degree or 360 degrees rule is used to display the fixed stars or the ephemeris days (Sundays, Saturdays, etc.) by clicking on the Colors Preview button. Please enable this feature in the preferences if you wish to see the new look to the chart. To access this button, go to the Preferences/Settings/Progs/Dirns button and select the Check box for the Option to Display Any Sidereal Ruler, Sidereal Day Ruler and Color Preview."), title = "Kepler 7 Astrology Software.rar", publisher = "Author : JigSaw ", author = "JigSaw", year = "2006", engine = "HTML5 ", opus = "HTML5 ", pages = "HTML5 ", location = "", keywords = ("Solar Fire", "Kepler", "New", "Astrology Software", "Color Preview"),

Kepler 7 Astrology Software.rar

Why is Pluto taboo? As with the reformation of the church, which was a necessity in the 16th century, the need for astrology reform is now present. In this case, astrology should take into consideration the demise of Pluto as a planet and the need to remove Pluto as a planet from the solar forecast. Pluto recently has returned to the retrograde belt in 2900-3500 degrees Aries and this is a sign of chaos. Pluto continues to move retrograde and if it does not clear out the retrograde chaos will continue.


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