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you awaken in a dank, cave-like room. the environment is cold and dark, without any signs of running water or even smoke, you can barely hear yourself breathe. as you open your eyes, you can see the skeletal remains of your enemies, but not their faces. there is only one human-like corpse in the room, who you assume is your opponent. you can even see his life bars and health at the bottom left of the screen. your vision is blurry, but you can make out the name of the game: the.cave-reloaded. you look around and realize that you are fully kitted out in all of your gear, and the only things missing are your gun and your medpack. judging by the amount of blood on the floor and your chest, you must have been pretty bad off when your opponent knocked you out with that final blow. you raise your hands to your chest and tap the touchpad to take off your chestplate. but you realize that the touchpad is broken, and it doesn't work when you try to touch it. you look down at the floor and spot the faint circle of red blood and a fragment of bone that you must have dropped during your struggle. you slowly pick it up and notice something in the texture of the fragment that seems distinctly out of place. your instinct tells you that you must examine this thing more closely, so you tap the touchpad again to take off your hud. you look over the screen and read the information about the item. it is a skull, with a textured decal of a crow on its forehead. you can hear the crow's caw echo in the ceiling of the cave-like area as if it were coming from the outside. you look down to the floor and carefully place the piece of bone on the ground. you notice that it happens to be at the base of a circle of dirt on the floor. you glance back at your hud and run a scan of the area. but it doesn't reveal anything to you, as your hud is broken. you do notice how you are healed all of your energy. you must be getting 100% max-health. you look back down at the ground and notice the circle of dirt at the edge of the circle. you glance back at the circle and your eyes widen for a moment. the earth italia link logo is engraved on it. you remember that the earth. italy soccer cup was coming up fast. you glance back down at the ground and see a gold chain hanging from underneath one of the circles.


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