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[S2E9] Eclipse Lake

(They are both queer teens who have no idea how a first date works). It's been a week since the events of eclipse lake.Essentially, Amity and Luz go on their first date and have their first kiss. Lots of fluff and their poor attempts at navigating their dating life.They are both gay and bi disasters throughout this whole fic!I aged them up to sixteen! I thought it was appropriate in case I decide that I want to write a makeout in Chapter Three.

[S2E9] Eclipse Lake

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A few days after loosing Raine to the emperor's coven, she doesn't expect to see them on her doorstep, she also doesn't expect the barley conscious teen in their arms.It takes a while for the misfit family to find their way with each other, but once they do they'd go to the end of the world to protect each other, even when the end of their world was just around the corner(takes place post eclipse lake but pre yesterdays lie - tw's in the + notes of each chapter) 041b061a72


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