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Communicating For Success Kossen.pdf

  • It is clearer than ever that a degree alone is not a ticket to a job. Employers want graduates who are "job ready" and the skills they rate most highly are communication-related skills. Jobseekers who are articulate and can demonstrate interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and conflict resolution skills are highly sought after. Graduates do accumulate these skills in the course of their degree studies, but the strongest job candidates are able to identify and articulate their skills to employers. This is a communication skill in itself and is a major area of focus in this edition of Communicating for Success. Key aims in this third edition are to equip students with: The ability to identify and understand the value and relevance of communication skills to employment and career success

  • The ability to demonstrate to employers the value of communication-related knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies

  • An understanding of lifelong learning as a high-level employability skill that can enable them to adapt to changing work demands and environment as a way of job proofing themselves for the future.

Communicating For Success Kossen.pdf

If you take a scaling framework as an operating model (like if you start implementing The Spotify Model) you will miss one of the most important preconditions for the success of that framework: an existing base of agility. Without an existing base of agility, your organization will struggle both to make the framework work and to become more agile. It will not make you agile faster. With the focus on making the scaling framework work, you will not be able to focus on becoming more agile. It will simply slow down your agile transformation.


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