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Enjoy My Singing Monsters IPA with Private Server and Mods

My Singing Monsters is a fun, free-to-play simulation game from Big Blue Bubble. This casual game lets you collect cute monsters of all shapes and sizes. What makes this monster-collecting experience stand out is that each of them gives out a unique song, which also changes as they evolve.

Explore a new world, collect different monsters, and even create a custom tune for your base. My Singing Monsters even feature bright color palettes plus widely varying monster designs. Imagine a small scope that is fundamentally similar to Pokemon World Online or Digimon Masters Online, but with the added musicality.

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First of all, My Singing Monsters is the PC port of the mobile game of the same name. As such, it lifts most gameplay elements from its original version. This version, however, has the advantage of being visible over larger display devices. It allows players to better appreciate the individual designs of the titular monsters. However, it largely retains its design choices, making the overall graphics look dated.

Gameplay-wise, it has enough content to keep you hooked for long. There are over 250 types of monsters, which have different appeals. Some are cute, funny, and borderline scary. Either way, it gives players a lot of variety to choose from. They populate your own island on top of other customization options available. It even has a lot of events that let you win in-game prizes.

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Stickers are available to download from the App Store to be used in the iMessage app. In total there are 41 stickers: 30 animated stickers for each Natural Monster in My Singing Monsters, and 11 stickers of various monsters that are styled like emojis.

In addition to coins and diamonds, our generator also provides you with access to exclusive My Singing Monsters cheats and hacks to give you an edge in the game. With these cheats, you can get more coins and diamonds, unlock powerful monsters, and even access secret levels!

In My Singing Monsters, players collect and breed many different types of Monsters, each of which has a unique musical line that is either sung or played on an instrument. Breeding two elements of Monsters will create a new Monster species, which depends on what levels the breeding Monsters are. Each island possesses a unique set of available Monsters that together play a certain musical theme. Monsters that are present on an island will generate various types of in-game currency which can, in turn, be used to acquire more monsters, buy decorations, remove obstacles, build structures, remove obstacles, and buy food for the Monsters to level up and generate more currency, and at a faster rate. There are also achievements and goals to direct gameplay, with in-game currency as rewards.[6] It is also possible to buy currency such as Coins, Diamonds, Treats, Relics, Keys, or Shards using real money. Certain currencies may be obtained for free by completing third party offers.

Islands are the various places that monsters inhabit. Some islands follow the method of buying four single elements, then breeding those into even more monsters (i.e. Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island). Other islands require teleporting monsters from another island (i.e. Ethereal Island, Magical Sanctum, Seasonal Shanty). There are also two 'fire' isnalds (i.e. Fire Haven and Fire Oasis). Other islands have the player buy the monsters as "statues" or "vessels", then zap monster eggs from breeding structures on other islands into one of the statues to wake up the statue and hence, unlocking it's song and its ability to earn currency (i.e. Wublin Island, Celestial Island, Amber Island). The Colossingum is a combat island where the player can do quests to level up their Colossingum level. Players are also able to collect Costumes in The Colossingum. Composer Island is where players can create their own songs with the natural monsters. There are Mirror Islands only for the Natural Islands which functions as a secondary version of the associated island. Mirror Islands have moderately different designs from the Natural Islands, mostly covered in pink wire, similar to that of cobwebs.

The distinction of My Singing Monsters from other simulation games is the "building" process of making music that is primarily driven by the use of the eponymous musical monsters. Players make their own decisions on what determines the "perfect" island by selectively picking monsters that they determine would improve their game overall through a combination of design and in-game currency generation. Some special monsters or decorations are more difficult to unlock, often requiring exclusive currencies, special events (such as holidays and in-game events), "Wishing Torches", or other special methods in order to obtain or activate them.

Some Monsters sing in nonsensical gibberish (such as the Mammott (bum), Fwog, (wow), and Toe Jammer (doo)), some sing fractured or short lines in English (such as the PomPom (hey), Shugabush (yeah), and Hoola (yay)), and others play real-world or fictional instruments (such as the Shellbeat (drums) and Bowgart (cello)). There are also special Monsters known as "Werdos" that sing lyrics (the Parlsona, Tawkerr, Stoowarb, and Maggpi). The characters are often designed as exaggerations of real-world animals or objects (such as the common Fwog (frog) and T-Rox (T-rex)), cartoon caricatures of monsters from folklore and mythology (such as the Epic Blabbit (jackalope) and Dragong (dragon)), fusions of living creatures and instruments (such as Floogull (flugelhorn/seagull) and Sox (saxophone/fox), resemblances to real-world people (such as the Shugabush and G'joob), or representations of the monster's in-game elemental makeup (such as Clackula and Potbelly). Some monsters work differently, for example, the Wubbox is hatched in a box form, and must have all Natural Monsters on the island "boxed" into it to power it up (Rare and Epic Wubbox take Rares and Epics instead, as well as make different noises) Most Monsters have "Rare" and "Epic" variants, the Rare one you can get at all times unless it's in the Starshop but Epics only available to obtain during special events. In addition, you can also get Seasonals which are monsters that you can only get for certain times every year like the Yool that plays the (bell) but also says (ho) or the Spurrit that says (huzzah). Other features such as the top islands, Tribal Island, achievements, friends, battles, and special events are also present.

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire is a prequel of the original My Singing Monsters, set in a time when the element of Fire was born. Unlike the original game which introduced the fire monsters to players, the main song is on "Continent", a supercontinent land that was formed similarly to Pangaea. There are five sections of the continent, unlocked at different player levels and based on the Natural Islands from the original game. Monsters in their toddler form are initially raised on Continent, each of which plays a unique tune that contributes to the musical theme. Each monster requests a unique set of "crafting items" that can be used to increase their level up to level 20; filling these requests will reward in-game currency plus additional benefits that can unlock additional features of the game. At a certain monster level, unique to each monster, toddler monsters are able to permanently teleport to additional islands known as "Outer Islands" as adult monsters, gaining new musical lines on an island with a unique group of musical monsters that produce an entirely different song theme. These include Party Island, Space Island, Cloud Island, and Cave Island. There is also one other island, called Starhenge, which is the original version of Celestial Island from the original game. Dawn of Fire also introduced Prismatics, which are only available during certain events, and during those events can be created by sending a monster through the Prism Gate. Prismatics serve as the prequel's equivalent of Rare and Epic monsters from the original game.[9]

My Singing Monsters: Composer serves as an app to compose custom songs using some, but not all, monsters from the franchise. This game also features Rare Monsters, Seasonals, and Ethereals, which are not available on Composer Island in the original game.

My Singing Monsters: The Board Game is a board game based on the My Singing Monsters franchise. The board game was supported by Kickstarter from June 1 to 21 and is designed by Sen-Foong Lim and Jay Cormier. There are two versions of the game; the Standard Edition, which includes all of the core components, and the Deluxe Edition, which includes nine painted Monster mini-figures, upgraded components, and an exclusive expansion that features the Werdo monsters. The board game is a worker placement game, in which the player breeds Monsters to produce more coins than other players.[10]

Kotaku described the original My Singing Monsters as a "clever combination of music and monster breeding", praising how the complexity of a song can become developed by the utility of breeding monsters, each monster revealing a new line to the song.[1][19] However, Kotaku was "a bit disappointed" with the level of complexity added in Dawn of Fire, reporting that the new feeding system hinders progress towards the whole concept of unveiling the "musical nirvana".[20]

The Futuristic Islands consist of six islands: Laser Island, Glacier Island, Factory Island, Jewel Island, Robot Island, and Future Island. They're unlock at level 4 (Except Laser Island, which is unlocked in the start). Each Futuristic Island (Except Future Island) is confirmed to have 1 Quad-Element of the Naturals and 1 Quad Element of the Futuristics, as well as the rest of the monsters in their family.


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