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The Chicago region has the second largest public transit network in the country with 7,200 miles of bus routes and train tracks connecting six counties and millions of riders to opportunity, education, and community.


All CTA and Pace vehicles are fully ADA accessible, and every Metra train has at least one accessible car. Over 70 percent of CTA stations and over 75 percent of Metra stations are fully ADA accessible, and more are becoming accessible each year. Bus drivers, train operators, and customer assistants will assist riders with disabilities with boarding and exiting, using ramps, accessing priority seating, securing wheelchairs and scooters, or putting fares in the fare box when asked, though please note that drivers and operators will not provide physical assistance to riders.

The RTA believes in promoting travel independence and empowering riders with mobility options. We provide education to older adults and riders with disabilities, including free one-on-one travel training and group presentations.

Monthly permit and daily fee parking is available at most train stations. However, Metra does not manage parking at most stations. Rather, the municipality in which the station is located usually manages the lots; each has different parking rules and regulations. For information about parking at each station, please call the phone number listed on each station page. Parking lots not operated by municipalities or their vendors generally are operated by SP+ Parking. SP+ Parking operates parking facilities at select locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. SP+ Parking offers both daily and monthly parking options to meet Metra riders' parking needs.

Life insurance policies can contain additional features that allow you to customize your coverage. Commonly referred to as policy riders or special endorsements, these features can be attached to a basic policy contract to enhance the flexibility and fit of the policy to meet your specific needs.

To help you understand more, we've put together a short list of common life insurance policy riders, along with the definition and key benefits they can provide. It's important to note that this is only a partial list of common riders and that not all insurance companies offer the same type of benefits. In addition, riders are subject to underwriting and may not be available with certain health conditions or occupations.

Some of these common riders and endorsements come standard and may be automatically included with your policy at no additional charge, while others require you to pay an additional premium. There are also specific riders that can only be added at the time the contract is written and can't be endorsed onto the policy once it has been issued. Because life insurance products and companies differ, not all riders and endorsements presented here are offered under every life insurance policy contract or offered by every insurer.

Since virtually every type of business insurance has multiple riders or endorsements available, there are numerous opportunities to customize your protection. Check with your licensed Insureon agent to discuss your specific needs and options. 041b061a72


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