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Big Nate Flips Out: A Book Review and Analysis of Lincoln Peirce's Bestselling Novel

Big Nate Flips Out Book Review

If you are looking for a fun, funny, and engaging book to read, you might want to check out Big Nate Flips Out, the fifth book in the Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce. This book is a children's fiction novel that follows the adventures and misadventures of Nate Wright, a sixth-grader who loves comics, pranks, and detentions. In this book, Nate faces a challenge that he never expected: his best friend Francis flips out on him after he loses a school camera that Francis lent him. To make things worse, Nate also has to deal with his arch-nemesis Gina, who is the editor of the yearbook, and his bully Randy, who may have something to do with the missing camera. Will Nate be able to find the camera, fix his friendship with Francis, and make the yearbook more memorable? Read on to find out!

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What is Big Nate Flips Out?

Big Nate Flips Out is a children's fiction novel written and illustrated by American cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. It is the fifth book in the Big Nate novel series (based on Peirce's own comic strip of the same name). The book was released in 2013, and was published by HarperCollins Publishers. The book has 216 pages and is divided into 18 chapters. The book also contains comic strips drawn by Nate throughout the story.

Who is the author and illustrator?

The author and illustrator of Big Nate Flips Out is Lincoln Peirce, who is also the creator of the popular comic strip Big Nate. Peirce started drawing comics when he was in sixth grade, just like his main character Nate. He has been syndicating Big Nate since 1991, and has also written and illustrated several other books for children, such as Max and the Midknights, The Awesome Adventures of Max Crumbly, and The Misadventures of Max Crumbly. Peirce lives with his family in Portland, Maine.

What is the main plot and theme?

The main plot of Big Nate Flips Out revolves around Nate's quest to find a school camera that he lost after borrowing it from his best friend Francis. The camera was supposed to be used for taking candid photos for the yearbook, which Francis is co-editing with Gina, Nate's rival. However, after opening his messy locker, Nate realizes that he can't find the camera anywhere. He suspects that Randy, a bully who hates Nate, may have stolen it from his locker. Meanwhile, Francis is furious with Nate for losing the camera, and accuses him of being a slob who doesn't care about anything. He also reveals Nate's secret middle name, which is Chester, to the whole school. Nate feels hurt and betrayed by Francis, and tries to apologize, but Francis refuses to forgive him. The two friends stop talking to each other, and Nate feels lonely and miserable.

The main theme of Big Nate Flips Out is friendship and forgiveness. The book explores how Nate and Francis deal with their conflict, and how they eventually reconcile. The book also shows how Nate learns to be more responsible and organized, and how he changes his habits to impress Francis and prove himself. The book also highlights the importance of honesty, loyalty, and teamwork, as Nate and Francis work together to make the yearbook better and to expose the real culprit behind the camera theft.

Summary of the book

How does Nate lose the camera?

Nate loses the camera after he decides to use it to take an embarrassing photo of Gina, who is jumping rope with Dee Dee. He thinks that this would be a perfect candid for the yearbook, and that it would annoy Gina. However, as he is about to take the photo, Randy shows up and snatches the camera from him. He throws it into the air, hoping that it would break. Luckily, Nick Blonsky, a dimwitted student who ruined the previous yearbook, catches the camera before it hits the ground. He gives it back to Nate, but not before scolding him for being careless with the camera. Nate thanks Nick for saving the camera, but he is still angry at Randy for trying to destroy it.

How does Francis flip out?

Francis flips out on Nate after he finds out that he lost the camera. He had lent Nate the camera after getting permission from Mrs. Godfrey, their teacher. He had also warned Nate to be careful with the camera, and to keep it safe. However, when Nate opens his locker the next day, he can't find the camera among his piles of junk. He tells Francis that he lost the camera, and Francis gets mad at him. He calls him a slob who doesn't respect other people's property. He also says that Nate is irresponsible and selfish, and that he doesn't care about their friendship or the yearbook. He then reveals Nate's middle name to everyone in the hallway, which is Chester. This embarrasses Nate, who had told Francis his middle name in confidence when they were in third grade. Nate tries to apologize to Francis, but Francis walks away from him.

How does Nate try to make up with Francis?

Nate tries to make up with Francis by doing several things. First, he writes him a note saying that he is sorry for losing the camera and for telling his middle name. He also says that he misses him as a friend, and that he hopes they can talk soon. He puts the note in Francis's locker, but Francis ignores it. Second, he tries to talk to him in person during lunchtime. He sits next to him at the cafeteria table, and tries to start a conversation. However, Francis gives him cold and short answers, and moves away from him as soon as possible. Third, he tries to impress him by getting good grades on his tests and quizzes. He studies hard for his math test, his social studies quiz, and his spelling bee. He gets an A on his math test, a B+ on his social studies quiz, and wins the spelling bee by spelling "antidisestablishmentarianism". However, Francis doesn't seem impressed or proud of him.

How does Nate become neat?

Nate becomes neat after he meets a hypnotist named Dr. Cesspool at a school assembly. Dr. Cesspool is a famous hypnotist who claims that he can make anyone do anything with his hypnotic powers. He invites volunteers from the audience to come on stage and be hypnotized by him. Nate decides to volunteer, hoping that Dr. Cesspool can make him smarter or funnier or cooler. However, Dr. Cesspool has other plans for him. He hypnotizes Nate into becoming neat and tidy. He tells him that from now on, he will love cleaning up his locker, his room, his desk, and everything else around him. He also tells him that he will hate messiness and disorderliness in any form.

# Article (continued) neat and tidy compartments. He labels everything with sticky notes and color codes them. He also throws away all the trash and junk that he had accumulated over the years. He then moves on to his room, his desk, his backpack, and his clothes. He cleans, folds, sorts, and arranges everything until there is no speck of dust or dirt left. He even makes his bed and vacuums his floor. He feels a sense of satisfaction and joy from being neat and tidy.

How does Nate help Francis with the yearbook?

Nate helps Francis with the yearbook by becoming his assistant. He offers to help him with taking photos, editing captions, designing layouts, and proofreading pages. He also apologizes to him for losing the camera and for being a bad friend. He tells him that he has changed his ways, and that he is now neat and tidy. He shows him his locker, his room, his desk, and his backpack as proof. Francis is surprised and impressed by Nate's transformation. He accepts his apology and his offer to help. He also tells him that he is sorry for being mean to him and for revealing his middle name.

Nate and Francis work together on the yearbook project. They take candid photos of their classmates and teachers doing funny and interesting things. They edit the captions to make them witty and catchy. They design the layouts to make them colorful and creative. They proofread the pages to make them error-free and professional. They also have fun and joke around with each other. They become friends again, and enjoy working on the yearbook.

How does Nate deal with Randy and Nick?

Nate deals with Randy and Nick by exposing their scheme to sabotage the yearbook. He finds out that Randy was the one who stole the camera from his locker, and that he gave it to Nick to use it for taking bad photos of everyone in school. Nick then sneaked into the yearbook room and replaced some of the good photos with the bad ones. He also changed some of the captions to make them insulting and rude. He did this because he wanted to ruin the yearbook again, just like he did last year.

Nate discovers their plot when he sees Randy holding the camera in the hallway. He recognizes it as the same camera that he lost, and he confronts Randy about it. Randy admits that he stole it from Nate's locker, but he says that he gave it to Nick as a gift. Nate then follows Randy to Nick's locker, where he sees Nick hiding a stack of bad photos under his jacket. Nate grabs one of the photos and sees that it is a picture of Mrs. Godfrey with a mustache drawn on her face. He realizes that Nick has been using the camera to take bad photos of everyone, and that he has been tampering with the yearbook.

Nate decides to expose Randy and Nick to Francis and Mrs. Godfrey. He tells Francis what he found out, and shows him the bad photo of Mrs. Godfrey. Francis is shocked and angry at Randy and Nick for messing with the yearbook. He agrees to help Nate catch them red-handed. They go to the yearbook room, where they find Nick trying to swap more photos on the computer. They confront him, and demand him to confess. Nick tries to deny it, but Nate shows him more evidence of his wrongdoing: a flash drive containing all the bad photos that he took with the camera.

Nate and Francis then call Mrs. Godfrey to come to the yearbook room. They tell her everything that Randy and Nick did, and show her the flash drive and the camera as proof. Mrs. Godfrey is furious at Randy and Nick for stealing the camera, taking bad photos, changing captions, and ruining the yearbook. She punishes them by giving them detention for a month, making them pay for a new camera, making them apologize to everyone in school, and banning them from ever working on or buying a yearbook again.

How does Nate find out the truth about the camera?

Nate finds out the truth about the camera after he gets de-hypnotized by Dr. Cesspool. Dr. Cesspool comes back to school for another assembly, where he offers to undo any hypnotic suggestions that he made on his previous visit. Nate decides to volunteer again, hoping that Dr. Cesspool can make him smarter or funnier or cooler this time. However, Dr. Cesspool tells him that he already hypnotized him before, and that he made him neat and tidy. He says that he did this because he thought that Nate was too messy and disorganized, and that he needed to learn some discipline and order. He also says that he can de-hypnotize him if he wants to, but he warns him that he will go back to his old sloppy ways.

Nate is shocked and confused by Dr. Cesspool's revelation. He doesn't remember being hypnotized by him, or being neat and tidy. He looks around him, and sees that his locker, his room, his desk, and his backpack are all clean and organized. He also sees that he has been helping Francis with the yearbook, and that he has been getting good grades on his tests and quizzes. He realizes that Dr. Cesspool was telling the truth, and that he had changed his personality and behavior without knowing it.

Nate decides to let Dr. Cesspool de-hypnotize him, because he wants to be himself again. He tells him to go ahead and do it, but he asks him to make him smarter or funnier or cooler as well. Dr. Cesspool agrees to do so, and snaps his fingers. Nate wakes up from his trance feeling normal again. He remembers everything that happened while he was hypnotized, and he feels a mix of emotions: relief, regret, gratitude, and curiosity.

He then notices something in his pocket: the camera that he lost. He takes it out, and sees that it is the same camera that Francis lent him, and that Randy stole from him. He wonders how it got there, and he remembers that Dr. Cesspool gave it to him when he hypnotized him the first time. He realizes that Dr. Cesspool was the one who found the camera in the trash can, where Randy had thrown it after taking it from Nate's locker. He also realizes that Dr. Cesspool was the one who made him lose the camera in the first place, by hypnotizing him into opening his locker and letting Randy see it.

Nate feels angry and betrayed by Dr. Cesspool for playing with his mind and his life. He decides to confront him about it, and to demand an explanation. He runs to the stage, where Dr. Cesspool is still performing his show. He interrupts him, and accuses him of being a fraud and a jerk. He tells him that he knows what he did to him, and that he wants to know why. He also shows him the camera, and asks him if he recognizes it.

Analysis of the book

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?

The strengths of Big Nate Flips Out are its humor, its characters, its plot, and its illustrations. The book is full of hilarious jokes, witty dialogues, funny situations, and amusing comic strips that make the reader laugh out loud. The book also has likable and relatable characters, such as Nate, Francis, Teddy, Dee Dee, Artur, Jenny, Chad, Chester (the school mascot), Spitsy (Nate's dog), and many others. The book also has an engaging and exciting plot, with twists and turns, conflicts and resolutions, surprises and revelations, suspense and action. The book also has beautiful and expressive illustrations that complement the text and enhance the story.

# Article (continued) and its length. The book sometimes relies on stereotypes and clichés to portray its characters and situations, such as the nerdy Francis, the mean Gina, the dumb Nick, the bully Randy, the strict Mrs. Godfrey, the hypnotist Dr. Cesspool, and the messy Nate. The book also sometimes uses clichés to advance its plot and theme, such as the lost camera, the hypnotic suggestion, the friendship conflict, the personality change, and the yearbook sabotage. The book also sometimes has morals that are too obvious or preachy, such as the importance of being neat and tidy, being honest and loyal, being responsible and organized, and being forgiving and friendly. The book also sometimes feels too long or repetitive, with some scenes or jokes that could have been shortened or omitted.

What are some of the humorous and memorable scenes and quotes?

Some of the humorous and memorable scenes and quotes from Big Nate Flips Out are: - The scene where Nate tries to take a photo of Gina jumping rope, but Randy throws the camera into the air, and Nick catches it. - The scene where Francis reveals Nate's middle name to everyone in school, and Nate gets teased by his classmates and teachers. - The scene where Nate gets hypnotized by Dr. Cesspool into becoming neat and tidy, and he starts cleaning up everything in sight. - The scene where Nate wins the spelling bee by spelling "antidisestablishmentarianism", and he celebrates by doing a victory dance. - The scene where Nate exposes Randy and Nick's scheme to sabotage the yearbook, and Mrs. Godfrey punishes them by giving them detention, making them pay for a new camera, making them apologize to everyone in school, and banning them from ever working on or buying a yearbook again. - The scene where Nate gets de-hypnotized by Dr. Cesspool, and he finds out that he was the one who made him lose the camera in the first place. - The quote where Nate says: "I'm not a slob. I'm an artist. A creative genius." - The quote where Francis says: "Nate, you're my best friend. But sometimes you drive me crazy." - The quote where Gina says: "This yearbook is going to be perfect. And by perfect, I mean all about me." - The quote where Randy says: "Hey Wright, nice camera. Mind if I borrow it?" - The quote where Nick says: "I'm not a bad guy. I just like to have fun. And by fun, I mean ruining other people's lives." - The quote where Mrs. Godfrey says: "Nate Wright, you are a menace to society." - The quote where Dr. Cesspool says: "You are getting very sleepy. When I snap my fingers, you will do whatever I say."

What are some of the lessons and messages that the book conveys?

Some of the lessons and messages that Big Nate Flips Out conveys are: - Friendship is more important than anything else. Nate and Francis learn to value their friendship over their differences, their mistakes, their pride, and their ego. They also learn to support each other, to trust each other, to respect each other, and to forgive each other. # Article (continued) more efficiency, and more satisfaction. - Being honest and loyal is a virtue to have. Nate and Francis learn to be honest and loyal to each other, to their teachers, to their classmates, and to themselves. They also learn to admit their mistakes, to take responsibility for their actions, to keep their promises, and to stand up for what is right. - Being forgiving and friendly is a skill to have. Nate and Francis learn to be forgiving and friendly to each other, to Gina, to Randy, to Nick, and to everyone else. They also learn to let go of their grudges, to apologize for their wrongdoings, to accept other people's apologies, and to make peace with their enemies. - Being yourself is the best way to be. Nate learns to be himself, and not someone else. He also learns to accept himself, and not change himself. He realizes that he doesn't need to be smarter or funnier or cooler than he already is. He also realizes that he doesn't need to be neat and tidy if he doesn't want to be. He decides to be happy with who he is, and not who he is not.


Big Nate Flips Out is a book that readers of all ages can enjoy. It is a book that is funny, entertaining, engaging, and inspiring. It is a book that tells a story of friendship, forgiveness, change, and self-acceptance. It is a book that teaches lessons of responsibility, honesty, loyalty, kindness, and individuality. It is a book that shows the power of humor, creativity, teamwork, and courage. It is a book that readers will flip out over.

If you are interested in reading Big Nate Flips Out, you can find it at your local library or bookstore. You can also order it online from or other websites. You can also check out the other books in the Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce, such as Big Nate: In a Class by Himself, Big Nate Strikes Again, Big Nate on a Roll, Big Nate Goes for Broke, Big Nate: In the Zone, Big Nate Lives It Up, Big Nate Blasts Off, and Big Nate: Silent but Deadly. You can also read the Big Nate comic strips online at or in your local newspaper.


Is Big Nate Flips Out based on a true story?

No, Big Nate Flips Out is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that Lincoln Peirce created from his imagination and his experience as a cartoonist and a teacher. However, some of the characters and situations in the book may be inspired by real people and events that Peirce encountered in his life.

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