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Followed Reinhardt's death in 1953, the generation of gypsy players that played in public through the 1950s and 1960s performed mainly upon amplified instruments in a modern, electric style, though with a European "inflection" in which some traces of Reinhardt's influence remained. However from around the 1970s onwards, a new generation of gypsy players emerged who were interested in the original, hot-club style and repertoire; some, such as the older German violinist and bandleader Schnuckenack Reinhardt (b. 1921) had been playing such music earlier as well, his own Quintette (formed 1966-67) being modelled on the instrumentation of the original Quintette and performing some of its repertoire. Gradually through the 1970s and onwards, virtuoso gypsy performers such as Fapy Lafertin (b. 1950), Häns'che Weiss and Boulou Ferré (both b. 1951), Raphaël Faÿs (b. 1959), Biréli Lagrène (b. 1966) Wawau Adler b. 1967 and Stochelo Rosenberg (b. 1968), among many others, have ensured that this musical form has a steadily expanding musical presence, also including the contributions of gadjo (non-gypsy) players such as Diz Disley (UK), Romane (France), Paul Mehling of the Hot Club of San Francisco (US), Jon Larsen of the Hot Club de Norvège (Norway), John Jorgenson (USA), Robin Nolan (UK), Chris Quinn (UK) and others in many countries who have been fascinated by this style of music and become adept at performing and popularising it.

Gadjo So Many Times Original Mix Zippy Fix



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