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Tranny Fuck My Ass

Latina TS stepdaughter awakes her stepdad to eat breakfast.After that,she starts seducing her stepdad to have sex with her.They start kissing each other and she then throats his big cock passionately.In return stepdad fucks her wet ass so hard.

tranny fuck my ass

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She was shorter than me, with dark hair and B cups, and a feminine face, and though she always wore her hair short, it never seemed boyish. I always identified as a hetero male and I thought that sleeping with a mtf was okay so long as I was always the top, but in the first few weeks we were together I found myself touching her penis, giving her a reach around when we were fucking, and began to wonder about being more submissive to her. She occasionally rubbed my asshole and even gave me a rimjob on our third date and I watched her dick get pretty hard while she was doing it. I knew she was willing to switch, and had in previous relationships, but said she was fine being a bottom only with me.

It was maybe inside of the first three weeks that we were dating that I gave into her. I was over at her house, and we were drinking (I was drinking, to take the edge off) but all I could think about was letting her fuck me. Actually, I had made up my mind that it was the right time, so I had skipped dinner, cleaned myself out, and even fingered myself with three fingers for the first time in my life.

It was incredible to feel her inside me, and to feel her tits against my back. Later she told me she hadn't topped anyone in a while, which was why she didn't last very long. To be honest, I didn't help, because I started tightening my asshole on her dick as hard as I could. I had been fantasizing about her coming inside of me, so that's what I wanted most. She fucked me for maybe five minutes before I heard her ask if I wanted her to come inside my ass. All I could do was nod. I could hardly breathe.

When she finished, she grabbed my hips and pumped me so hard that it started to burn, but it felt so good that I started to jerk off and managed to cum all over the cupboard doors before she was done. When finally she came inside of me, we stayed standing at the kitchen sink for some time. I'll never forget that when she was done, she left the condom inside of me, and had to pull it out. She showed it to me, and the entire end of the bag had been filled. I was feeling a bit guilty and ashamed, but when she showed that to me, I was turned on all over again. Later that night, we 69ed on the couch and she fucked me a second time, slower, and more sensually, and without a condom.

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Friends now I was very surprised to hear from his mouth how he came to know all this? Then he told me that I know that you fuck my trans too and now you forget her and lick me. Friend, I had fucked her ass many times

As I watched the mirror, I saw her face light up as she unleashed her hot sperm deep within my bowels. Her body jerked as I felt cock shoot bullets of hot cum inside of me. We laid there together, her behind me, with her soft dick in between my ass cheeks until my wife came home. It was then that we would experience our first threesome with a tranny, but that, is another story.

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