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In Of Itself HOT!

DELGAUDIO: I was never there to elicit a reaction. Contrary to what is presented, which is very emotional reactions, the reactions were not the point. The transformation was the point, even if that was internal and there was no [physicalization]. A physical, emotional reaction was obviously nice for the rest of us to be able to understand what that person was experiencing. But I don't know. I'm the kind of guy who'll break into your house to leave you the thing you've always wanted. I'll take that gamble. But it has to be the thing that you always wanted or didn't know that you've always wanted. And that in itself takes time and experience and clear intentions of where that line is of what you're doing. And yes, bringing someone up and putting them in a position that may or may not evoke an emotional response, there's a lot of vulnerability in that. But I was also aware of that, which is why I was the first to be vulnerable on that stage every night. And never wanted anyone to think I would put them in a position to do something that I wouldn't do first myself. And I feel like I had to earn their trust and earn those moments, and they could easily be unearned. And I wouldn't have done it if I thought it was exploitative or anything like that. There was no coaxing or coercing responses or anything like that.

In Of Itself

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they've been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)The Movie: Derek DelGaudio's In and Of ItselfWhere You Can Stream It: Hulu:The Pitch: Derek DelGaudio's In & Of Itself is a new kind of lyric poem. It tells the story of a man fighting to see through the illusion of his own identity, only to discover that identity itself is an illusion. An intimate and powerful exploration of what it means to be and be seen, the film chronicles Derek DelGaudio's attempt to answer one deceptively simple question, "Who am I?" His personal journey expands to a collective experience that forces us to confront the boundaries of our own identities.Why It's Essential Viewing: The simplest way to describe Derek DelGaudio's In & Of Itself is to call it a one-man show that acts as both a performative mini-biography of the titular artist and magician and an impressive magic show. But believe me when I tell you that this isn't merely an entertaining spectacle full of trickery that you've seen from the likes of David Blaine, David Copperfield, or Penn & Teller. Instead, Derek DelGaudio delivers an intimate, emotional experience that will have your mind blown and eyes watering. In and Of Itself is so much more than a magic show, and it's easily one of the most soul-stirring experiences I've had in a long time.

After the big scale illusions of David Copperfield, and the intimate street magic of David Blaine, the next step in the evolution of magic arrives at the Daryl Roth Theatre. In and Off Itself is the latest show from magician Derek DelGaudio, whose last Off-Broadway show Nothing to Hide grossed $1 million in 2013. This show is a wholly original blend of illusion and storytelling, a series of interconnected stories woven together with magic tricks that don't just aim for a 'wow' moment, but seep into your brain and alter your perception of reality itself.

Each of the unbelievable illusions (or "tricks") is interwoven into DelGaudio's search for his own identity and what the illusion of identity means. In an interview with Indiewire, DelGaudio said making the film was "really an act of faith, in line with the work itself. It really is about taking that leap of faith and believing in something you can't know." The six illusions involve a mechanical Roulettista, a paper sailboat in a bottle of whiskey, deceiving card tricks, the true meaning behind a gold brick, a gold scale, cubbies full of letters, and the audience's paper "I am" statements which they had chosen at the beginning of the show. 041b061a72


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