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What You Need to Know About Sony Picture Package 1.5 for Windows 7

I bought the sony Handycam ( DCR-HC36)I needed to use it today and the drivers are corrupt. I went to get my cd to reinstall and It is packed away because I'm moving. I called sony and they said I could buy the CD again for $30. What a bunch of CRAP. Have you ever heard of anyone charging for drivers after you have already paid $400 for the camcorder. It's like they want to rape your wallet for every nickle. Can someone direct me to a place I can download the drivers again. I wanted to use it before I move and I'm already packed. You would think Sony would have better customer care than that.

download sony picture package 1.5 for windows 7

I moved to my new house and forgot the application package of Sony DCR-HC36 camcorder. I went to sony show room and they refused to give it to me. Can any body please help me in getting the software CD to stream the videos.

Hello I am here because I have the CD and I am trying to get it working for a friend....the CD seems not to have any connection with the webcam just software that doent sem to reconise the camer. I will (as I also went to sony site ) down load this one for whom ever want it as I hate being charged for drivers also. Just let me know where or whos ftp to put it onto. I am wondering also if it is a boggy camera as sony does normally have drivers...they are thai friends I am in thailand but australian I brought the camera back to my place to see what I could do, they also did not recieve an instuction book...between all yur troubles and mine I as I say wonder if it is a real sony camcorder or maybe a copy, not imposible here in asia. Anyway let me know if you want the software I will as I say download it toan ftp. I have the webcam picture package, I will see if I can download it now....I cant as the limit is if anyone deeds it email me at [email protected] with DVR-HC36 in the subject line. Regards Fiona This is the sony message I got

1- I do know how to find the sony digital video on my records I guess my computer brand does not have a title divece manager but I found the "Sound, video and game controllers".my control panel and I do not know what is next since I can not find the sony digital video.2- Under my computer I see the sony usb and when I click I seen These windows and when I click the is sending me to a Microsoft website.

Title: transfer the data from DCR-HC23E sony handycam to pc Weblog: Camera Hacker Excerpt: If you are having problems because you have Vista instead of XP, and still have the CD-Rom that came with the camera(Picture Package), I was finally able to import from handycam to pc, following instructions and downloading from the following page: . . . Tracked: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 22:15:29 +0000

NVIDIA has publicly released windows ODE drivers that support the CUDA 9.2 SDK used in the latest release of Premiere Pro. This is not the Microsoft default driver, but you can download this driver directly from NVIDIA, Version 411.63 (of the 410 series drivers).

Packages made for older distributions may work on newer distributions as long as nothing substantial has changed (i.e. Python version). Also there are several distributions out there that are based on one in the above list (e.g. Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu). This means that packages for that base distribution should also work on derivatives, you just need to know which version the derivative is based upon and pick your download accordingly.


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